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Powerhouse is comprised of a core group of individuals with over 60 years combined real estate experience including architecture, design, construction and sales. The management team has developed projects across the globe including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, Powerhouse brings a great amount of local real estate expertise through a background of constructing large-scale projects with leading developers in the Pattaya market.

The long term vision of Powerhouse is to continue to bring to the market high-quality condominiums in prime locations with outstanding price points. Concerned with giving physical design direction to urban growth, conservation, and change, we see urban design as a reflection of function, economics, and organisation  as well as aesthetic and cultural qualities. Paramount to good urban design is safety, accessibility and quality elements which respond to the needs of a city and a community rather than individual aesthetics.

We visualise real estate development as a way of shaping the public and semi-public spaces to create a high quality and livable urban environment. With our substantial local presence and history in Thailand, experience has taught us to provide comprehensive value-added services for clientele including investors, lenders, tenants, and owner of commercial real estate. With the goals and challenges met by such clientele, collaboration has shown us the need for high quality design using cutting-edge products and construction, superb landscaping, functional amenities, and, above all, great locations.

Our philosophy and our people are the key ingredients for our solid track record of success in driving this commitment to ideas, experience, and collaboration for growth. So when it comes to real estate development, we believe ideas get built and change meaning of place. As a result, Powerhouse  creates truly unique properties that not only withstand the test of time but also enhance the communities they serve.